Egyptian 13-Year-Old Boy Named ‘Smartest Child in the World’

January 5, 2018 Updated: January 5, 2018

An Egyptian boy has been dubbed the “smartest child in the world” after winning a huge, international competition.

The 13-year-old was one of 3,000 competitors in the Intelligent Mental Arithmetic International Competition, which took place late last year in Malaysia.

Abdulrahman Hussain solved 230 complex arithmetic problems in just eight minutes.

Abdulrahman told Al Arabiya that his success stems from his teachers and family members.

Batul Mohammed Montasser, Hussain’s teacher, said the boy started training in 2012.

On the Intelligent Education Group website, the organization provides insight into its competition.

The group claims its development program helps children develop both left and right sides of their brains.

“The so-called child prodigy is but a common individual who happens to have developed an earlier and better mental faculty. Since most children have not been able to receive the beneficial early education and therefore have underutilized their brains to attain a desirable level, which should have been achieved if they did,” the group said.

“The exclamation of ‘child prodigy’ is in fact, an expression toward a child who has unusual or remarkable mental abilities.”


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