Egypt Protests Live Video: Thousands Gather for Morsi’s Ouster in Tahrir (+Stream)

June 30, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Thousands of protesters have again swarmed Cairo’s Tahrir Square and other major Egyptian cities to demand the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi–a year after he was sworn into office.

“Morsi got elected in a democratic way,” anti-Morsi proster Hassan Shanab, a businessman, told The Guardian. “But since he took over, everything’s been polarized. All of a sudden we see ourselves part of an Islamic regime like Iran.”

Earlier on Sunday, as the Wall Street Journal reported, thousands of people again moved into Tahrir Square in Cairo, which was the focus of protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak’s regime two and a half years ago.

There are other anti-government protests in Mahalla, Suez, Alexandria, and Port Said, according to reports.

“I’m hoping to stay on the streets until the whole regime of the Brotherhood is brought down,” said Hanan Bakr, who lives in Dubai, but went to Egypt to partake in the protests, reported to the BBC. 

“If Egypt falls under Islamist extremism, this will affect the whole region,” she said.

Morsi is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and became Egypt’s first Islamist president when he was elected in June 2012.

However, protesters contend that in his first year in office, Morsi has not brought better security or economic improvement.