Egypt Protests Live Stream: Live Coverage of Tahrir Square (+Photos)

June 28, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Throngs of protesters have entered Egypt’s Tahrir Square in Cairo and the second-largest city, Alexandria, to demonstrate against Mohammed Morsi.

Reports say that hundreds of people have been injured in clashes between pro-Morsi protesters and anti-government demonstrators.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo said on Friday that it is looking to reports that an American was killed in the clashes.”We are seeking to confirm report of American death in alexandria. thank you for concern,” it tweeted.

Protesters have taken to the streets a year after Morsi took office. They have said that despite electing him, problems in the country have persisted.

“There are no services. We can’t find diesel or gasoline,” Mohamed Abdel Latif, a protester, told Reuters. “We elected Morsi, but this is enough.” 


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