Effective strategies businesses can harness on social media channels

August 23, 2014 Updated: August 23, 2014

The internet online commerce infrastructure continues to be a viable resource for entrepreneurs, businesses, retailers and other related industries. The arrival of social media networking along with social commerce transformed the old schools of thoughts on how to generate leads on these cutting-edge and innovative platforms. To draw the interest to your business or brand a couple of things to keep in mind when trying to target your consumer.

Depending on the size of your industry or the business you do not have to be active on every social media channel. Each individual social networking website has different applications and functionalities. So, starting out look at what your competitors are doing and where are they present. This will reduce the amount of time to research where to look and how to advertise.

So what is the revenue that comes from social media or social commerce? According to this Visual.ly infographic in the United States (U.S) electronic purchases from social platforms will be $9 billion in 2014 and $14 billion in 2015. So the numbers are there to generate a large clientele and use this as one of the many revenue streams.

Popular social commerce features to use and stats to remember

As you might expect there are a few features that you can utilize on your website to attract customers. The leading social commerce features used by the top e-commerce websites are: Facebook Like Button, Pinterest Pin It Button, Twitter Tweet Button, and Google+ button.

The top 25 companies use primarily the Facebook Like Button and the Twitter Tweet Button 86 percent for their websites. The Pinterest button gets 85 percent usage and Google plus 39 percent. Depending on your hosting company or provider or blogging platform there are tons of plugins to use that give your website a seamless and shopping experience.

A couple of stats to remember social commerce revenue jumped 63 percent in 2013 and expect that figure to grow. In addition, mobile coupons are a fast-growing trend and it comes as no surprise with the popularity of smartphones in the marketplace.

Social coupons are a great way to lure clients and will allow your business to learn what they like. Furthermore, give you plenty of analytics and business intelligence on how to develop further your online products.

There are plenty of e-commerce-based coupon platforms along with social commerce sites like  LivingSocial, Pinterest, Facebook, ChameleonJohn, Groupon and others are just a few of the destinations to drive online deals.

Takeaways moving forward with your social media approach

Plenty of preparation and research has to be conducted before hitting social sphere. Take ample time to present well your brand and learn to listen to your customers within your niche industry.

Naturally as previously mentioned do not try to promote the same sort of content on each social media networking website. Each has its set of differentiating characteristics, so respect the etiquette that comes with it.

When looking for information on how to setup properly a visually-appealing profile look for infographics and find cheat sheets. For example, the following visual will give you not just how to setup profile accounts but also what times are best to generate organic engagement. Be yourself and have fun getting on your way.