Edward Norton: ‘Fight’ With Amateur Photographer

By Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
April 25, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Edward Norton fight: Actor Edward Norton reportedly got into a minor physical altercation with an amateur photographer in New York earlier this week.

The New York Post reported that Norton was walking on the street Tuesday when a man approached him with a phone camera.

Alain Becerra-Calderon reportedly asked the actor: “I got a quick question: ‘People say you look like me. Is that true?’”

Norton then asked the man “why are you stalking me?” before he pushed the camera away.

TMZ reported that Norton also said, “Get away from me.”

The photographer told authorities that the “Fight Club” actor assaulted him.

Sources told TMZ that Becerra-Calderon did not suffer any serious injuries.

“He went to the hospital claiming hand pain…It was classified as harassment,” a police spokesman told E! News.

A source with the New York City Police Department told E! News that Norton was probed for a short period of time before they dropped the case. They referred the case to a civil court and it is unclear if Becerra-Calderon will file a lawsuit.