Eddie J. Monterroso, Lakers Security Guard, Charged With Stealing Championship Rings

December 12, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Eddie J. Monterroso, a Los Angeles Lakers security guard, is accused of stealing two championship rings and $20,000 in gift cards.

KTLA-TV reported that Monterroso, 23, was arrested outside the Lakers training facility on Thursday.

When officials searched his home in Inglewood, they discovered “evidence of the theft” and 2009 and 2010 championship rings.

Gift cards that he allegedly stole from the Lakers facility were used to buy televisions, iPads, and other items, police said. Officials alleged that he used about $15,000 in gift cards, reported the Daily Breeze.

“The gift cards were going to be used [by the Lakers] for donations, distributed to different organizations in the community for their Christmas parties and charities,”  El Segundo police Lt. Jaime Bermudez told the Los Angeles Times.

Bermudez did not elaborate on how he became a suspect in the theft.

“Our detectives did a great job in finding out who he was,” Bermudez added to the Breeze. “It wasn’t easily apparent who it was. We caught a couple lucky breaks.”

Bermudez said the two rings were extras and didn’t belong to players or Lakers personnel. They were replacements in case others were lost.

He said that he admitted to his role in the crime and was “very apologetic,” reported the Los Angeles Times.

He was charged with felony grand theft and burglary.