Easy Protein Snacks for On the Go

December 15, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Protein is involved in pretty much every bodily function. While you probably know that it plays an important role in building muscle, you might not be aware that it also helps with your immune system and even sleep. It’s also vital for losing weight and heaven knows, many of us need that right? But enjoying a steak in the car on your way to work isn’t exactly feasible is it? No problem though, as there are lots of yummy, on the go snacks that are full of protein. Here are just a few.


It’s hard to not include eggs, even though you probably don’t want to wolf down eggs that have been sitting in your desk drawer for three days. But boil up some whole eggs in the evening and put them in the fridge, ready to grab as you walk out the door the next morning (or a midnight snack).


While you aren’t likely to enjoy that steak, you can still enjoy beef on the go with jerky. If beef isn’t up your alley, there are plenty of other choices that are available today. You can find all sorts of flavors from a more traditional teryaki to sweet-n-spicy or go completely different and try turkey. Just look for low-sodium if possible and go for all natural beef jerky to get the best of both worlds.

Greek Yogurt

A cup of greek yogurt packs, on average, 16 grams of protein. But you’re also getting important probiotics, vitamin B12, Potassium (that balances out some of the salt in the body) and calcium. Toss in some of your favorite cereal, nuts, fruit or raisins and you have an amazingly healthy snack. No wonder it’s a booming market in the U.S. Oddly enough, five or ten years ago you would have never found it in the store. Now there are tons of options in pretty much any grocery store you go to.


The perfect thing if you’re vegetarian. It’s a complete protein and there are tons of ways you can prepare it and make it into a portable snack. Take a peek into Pinterest and you’ll find more quinoa recipe ideas than you could ever get around to making. But here’s one for snack bars to get ya started in the right direction.


Dry roasted edamame is another good option. Not only are you getting about 14 grams of protein per serving, but you’re also getting fiber. The perfect combo to fight hunger.

Rice Crispy Treats

Yep. This is one that takes your typical rice crispy treat to a whole new level by including vanilla protein powder. You can get this easy, healthy, yummy recipe from Roger Lawson II here.