Eastenders Canceled Hoax: ‘Axed After 29 Years’ is Fake

A rumor saying the BBC show “Eastenders” will be canceled after 29 years isn’t true.

A post that’s getting shared on Twitter and Facebook has riled up a number of fans of the popular show.

“It has been announced that the famous BBC Soap will not be continued after this year, Cast members are sad to be leaving the square!” the fake posting reads. The post also shows an image of the cast of the series.

The prank was created via the website Fakeshare.com, which “allows users to create a prank message and then post it to Facebook using a disguised URL that doesn’t give the game away too early,” according to Hoax-Slayer.com.

“However, fans can heave a sigh of relief. The show is not about to be axed as claimed. The message is just a prank. A lot of users share such posts without clicking the links they contain or doing any fact checking,” the website says.

The link then goes to a page that says “you got owned!” and says more than 3.7 million people have been “trolled.”

But on Wednesday, people were tweeting about it.

“WHY IS EASTENDERS BEING AXED,” one person wrote.

Added another, “The BBc are thinking about scrapping EastEnders to save money ..hoot hoot.our money ..happy now.”

“Eastenders is finishing!! Perhaps I could pitch this to the BBC instead,” wrote another.

“Eastenders to be axed after 29 years!” another added.