East Coast Blizzard Can Be Seen From Outer Space

January 23, 2016 Updated: January 23, 2016

Even from outer space, the blizzard looks threatening.

Astronaut Scott Kelly posted images of the massive snowstorm that has affected tens of millions of people on the East Coast. The pictures were taken from the International Space Station on Saturday.

The sharp streaks of city lights that would usually appear in these photos are blanketed and softened by the clouds above them.

In another picture, Kelly points to a low pressure system moving from Chicago toward the eastern seaboard, saying that the blizzard there “has a long way to go.”

New York governor Andrew Cuomo shut down all of New York City’s roads on Saturday, and mayor Bill de Blasio issued a travel ban in the city, which included food delivery services like Seamless.

Not only were snowstorms visible from outer space, Kelly saw the hard to catch thunderstorm too.

More detailed pictures were taken by NASA using  the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite to capture the snowstorm that was lit up by both city lights and the glow coming from the Moon.

Scott Kelly is on a planned record-breaking 342 day trip on the International Space Station.