Chinese Man Predicts 10 out of 12 Earthquakes

May 27, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015

Tradition in China holds that snakes leave their nests before an earthquake.  (Wikimedia Commons)
Tradition in China holds that snakes leave their nests before an earthquake. (Wikimedia Commons)
Warning his friends via text messages, a man from southwest China’s Qujing, in Yunnan Province, predicted that 12 earthquakes would occur between March and May of this year.

Compared to the information announced by the China Earthquake Information Center, 10 out of the 12 were correct, and he got the magnitude right for two of them.

According to a Web report on May 25, Mr. Zhu’s text messages could predict the time of the quakes one to two days before they happened but could not predict exactly where the quake would take place.

On April 6, Zhu sent out a text at 7:34 a.m. that said, “Within 10 hours, some place in the southwest direction will have an earthquake with the magnitude of 6.” At 6:15 p.m., Beijing time, that same day, a quake with magnitude 7.8 took place in northern Sumatra, which is south of China.

A few days later, on April 9, he sent out a text message at 9:32 p.m., predicting that “within 24 hours, an earthquake with a magnitude higher than 7 would happen somewhere in the same direction or in the same place.” On April 11, at 5:40 p.m., a magnitude 7.0 earthquake took place in the Solomon Islands.

Most of Zhu’s friends know about his ability. A friend named Li said that he had gotten 12 of Zhu’s predictions from text messages and after he checked them, found that 11 of them were correct.

Seismic Acupoints

According to Zhu, every time a quake is going to happen, he can feel a rhythmic vibration in one of his acupuncture points, along with the sound of an engine starting.

Zhu then looks at his globe and world map based on the signal and tries to figure out where the quake might occur.

Zhu said that at times he observes the air current, the clouds, and stars. “Normally, after finishing all my mental calculations, I know the approximate time of occurrence, the direction and magnitude of the quake.”

The larger the quake is, the stronger Zhu’s physical reactions. He can sense pretty much all quakes with magnitudes higher than 5.

Zhu does not know why such things happen to his body. From reading some books, he believes that physical phenomena from the earth’s crust before a quake can be captured by creatures with highly sensitive sensory organs. “I might just be extraordinarily sensitive to the physical signs,” he said.

Zhu said he had a similar ability to predict danger when he was young. He connects this to his ability to predict earthquakes.

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