Dying Mother of Chinese Activist Under House Arrest, Visitors Arrested

July 29, 2020 Updated: July 29, 2020

Renowned Chinese dissident Huang Qi has been serving a 12-year sentence since 2016 on the charge of “leaking state secrets to foreigners.” His 87-year old mother, Pu Wenqing, is a late-stage cancer patient. She wrote an open letter to the authorities on May 1, asking for a fair trial of Huang and for permission to visit her son before she dies.

On July 23, Huang’s fellow activist Wei Wenyuan and five petitioners went to Chengdu to visit Pu Wenqing but were intercepted by state security personnel on the stairway.

Peng heard the clash and came downstairs to meet with them, together with a woman who monitors her around the clock.