Jana Duggar Pictured Driving Family’s Tour Bus in Middle of the Night; Fans React (+Photo)

October 26, 2014 Updated: November 9, 2014

The mysterious Jana Duggar was pictured recently driving the family’s tour bus in the middle of the night, sparking reactions from fans and critics of the show.

Jana, 24, is the oldest single Duggar child, along with twin John-David. She has been the subject of numerous rumors in the last couple weeks after she was seen crying in an episode of the family’s reality show.

The family’s unofficial blog shared the picture of Jana driving the large tour bus, both hands on the big wheel and a slight smile on her face. 

“Jana Duggar is on tour with Josh and Anna and has been graciously helping drive the bus. She took the graveyard shift early this morning,” it said.

Josh and Anna’s tour is titled Stand for the Family Bus Tour, sponsored by Josh’s employer Family Research Council Action.

Some other Duggars’ are getting in on the action, including Jim Bob, Michelle, and James–and Jana and John-David. The tour kicked off in Alexandria, Louisiana on October 24 and includes stops in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

The picture of Jana driving sparked reactions from a number of fans and critics, with differing views on the situation.

(Duggar Family Blog)
(Duggar Family Blog)


Some voiced their support for her.

“That Jana Duggar is a brave and talented young woman!” said one.

“Jana is always gracious bless her heart. I am sure they will enjoy the journey together and what a great purpose,” said  another.

“Jana is a gifted young woman. Do any of you remember the show where she was installing tile flooring? She also looks like she is an excellent seamstress…and now a bus driver!” said yet another.

But some said they feel sorry about her.

“Jana…I hope you find the man of your dreams and enter a courtship soon. I want you to experience all of the happy and good things in life. You look so sad. I hope that you are ok,” said one.

“I felt so sorry for Jana in the lead up to Jill’s wedding. She got dumped with all of the sewing despite the fact several of the girls can sew,” said another.

“She seemed so stressed. I understand the Duggars talk about a servant’s heart but poor Jana always seems to be taken advantage of. I hope her day to fall in love, study abroad or pursue what ever dream she has comes soon! Bless her she seems like such a sweet person.”

Still others responded to those users.

“Just because she is not in a courtship yet does not mean she doesn’t have good things going on in her life. What if God wants her to remain single?” said one. “Does that mean He doesn’t want her to be happy or experience the good things in life? Life isn’t just about getting married and having kids…it’s not. It’s about doing God’s will.”


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