Duggars’ 19 Kids and Counting: Family Has Indoor Slide and Rock Climbing Wall; Kids ‘Run Wild’ When Parents Are Gone

October 21, 2014 Updated: October 21, 2014

A new report claiming to reveal the Duggars’ “house of horrors” actually makes their home sound pretty cool.

The family, who has become famous through their 19 Kids and Counting reality show on TLC, have 19 children, although two are now living outside the home after getting married.

A report from Radar Online claims to reveal a new side of the Duggars’ from the one shown on television, citing a source. 

But the report–titled “Inside The Duggar Family’s House Of Horrors — What You Don’t See On TV!”–actually makes the house and family look pretty good, while some information that was “revealed” has already been known.

For instance, the source claimed to reveal the “buddy system” that pairs an older kid with a younger kid, but that system has frequently been explained or mentioned by parents Jim Bob and Michelle, along with some of the children.

“This house would not work if we didn’t have the buddy system. The older children mentor the younger ones. They help them with their little phonics lessons and games during the day, help them practice their music lessons. They will play with them or help them pick out the color of their outfit that they want to wear that day, and just all of those types of things,” Michelle told CNN, for instance.

The report also quotes an earlier report by Radar, noting that the oldest daughter Jana is in charge of the house when Jim Bob and Michelle go on dates, as they are wont to do on a weekly basis. 

“They’ll be gone for hours, and she has to watch over everyone. She does it with a smile, but it’s sad. It’s not like she ever gets a date night!” the source said, noting that if Jana doesn’t cook something to eat the family has “been known to just have snacks like pretzel sticks and yogurt for dinner.”

The source claims that when Jim Bob and Michelle are gone, the kids start going wild.

Jana Duggar does laundry in an undated file photo with younger sisters Joy-Ann and Johannah. (Duggar Family)
Jana Duggar does laundry in an undated file photo with younger sisters Joy-Ann and Johannah. (Duggar Family)


“They bounce off the walls!” the source said. “They are allowed to ride their scooters in the house, and even put the youngest kids in a wagon and drag them around at high speeds. It seems like they pretty much do whatever they want.”

“They even have an indoor slide and rock climbing wall,” the source claimed. “It’s amazing that no one’s ever gotten hurt.”

But people commenting on the article said that the article was misleading and even the content didn’t indicate a “house of horrors.”

“Oh, the horror! The merciless abuse!!!!! Radar, this is THE STUPIDEST, biggest non-story EVER. STOP STALKING THIS FAMILY,” said one.

“LOL.. sounds like a regular house! House of horrors? What part? The rock wall? The eating snacks? The riding of scooters in the house? Parents who have date night?” said another. “Just because someone has different religious beliefs, does not make them a ‘house of horrors!'”

However, some agreed with the sentiment in the post.

“Both of my parents grew up in big families and both HATED it. It’s true, the older children become the surrogate parents when they are children themselves,” said one.

“If you choose to have a big family, YOU should be the one raising them, not leave it to your older children. Where is your sense of parental responsibility? It’s not fair to saddle other children with raising children. That may have been fine at the turn of the 20th century before birth control, but this is just PLAIN selfishness.”


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