Jim Bob Duggar Comments on Daughter’s Fiance Ben Seewald Moving Into Duggars Home

Jessa Duggar’s fiance Ben Seewald has moved into the Duggars’ guest house at their compound in Tontitown, Arkansas ahead of their wedding.

The couple plan to get married on November 1.

“He moved up here a few weeks ago,” Jessa’s father Jim Bob, 49, told People magazine.

“It has been really good. He has been able to spend a lot more time with Jessa and our family. We have a guesthouse in front of our house, with a shower and everything, separate from the main house.”

Seewald, 19, recently proposed to Jessa, 19, and the whole family is helping plan a wedding.

This season of 19 Kids and Counting will include the lead-up to the engagement and wedding.

“I’m very excited that Ben is moving in today,” Jessa says in a clip from the show. “I think it will be awesome to get to spend more time with Ben and see him on a daily basis instead of once or twice a month.”

Jim Bob said that he has hired Ben to do work for him while Ben continues college courses online.

“Ben was living four hours away in Hot Springs with his parents,” Jim Bob says.

“After Michelle and I were talking about it, we have so many projects to do that we need help for – everything from construction projects to keeping the grass mowed to putting roof on a building, paperwork and things like that – and we asked him if he would be interested in moving up here so that Jessa and his relationship could be really accelerated. He was all for it and his parents were happy about it.”

The couple still have the courtship standards in place, including not kissing until they’re married.

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