Drunk Mom Drives Wildly With Unrestrained 3-Year-Old in Back Seat [VIDEO]

August 20, 2017 Updated: August 20, 2017

A driver in Palm Beach County, Florida, who was driving erratically before being taken into custody for drunk driving and not wearing a seatbelt, was captured on video failing a drunk driving test.

Truck driver Juan Martinez caught some of the erratic driving on his dash cam before he called the police.

The driver, 31-year-old Brandy Lerma, was driving in both lanes, police report, and had a 3-year-old child in the car who Lerma said was hers. The child was standing up and not wearing a seatbelt when deputies stopped the car.

“I immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person,” said the deputy who made the arrest, according to the New York Daily News reports. “Lerma’s speech was also slurred and she was initially unable to locate the documents I requested from her despite the fact that they were plainly visible to me inside her wallet.”

When he asked Lerma to follow a pen with her eyes she couldn’t stand up straight, dash cam video obtained by CNN shows. When asked to walk in a straight line, she stumbled to the right and was not able to walk straight. When asked to stand on one leg, she also was unable to keep her balance.

Lerma can be heard in the video telling the deputy she had been drinking Fireball, a type of whiskey. Her blood alcohol level tested at twice the legal limit, New York Daily News reported. She also told deputies she had taken Percocet and Xanax.


Police video shows her in the back of the police car yelling and kicking the seats. Later, she asks who has her child.

Lerma faces DUI and child abuse charges. She was taken to Palm Beach County jail and released on a $3,000 bond.

Lerma’s Facebook profile says that she is a stay-at-home mom from Boynton Beach, Florida.

One of her Facebook posts hints at a possible problem with drugs and alcohol: “I ain’t locked up, I ain’t drugged up, I ain’t hungover. It’s a pretty good day. Can I get an Amen?”

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