Drudge Report’s Matt Drudge Thinks Barbara Walters Needs ‘Fast’ End to TV Hosting Duties

February 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Drudge Report creator Matt Drudge said this week that longtime TV anchor and personality Barbara Walters should just leave already.

“Someone needs to give Barbara Walters the hook, and fast!” he wrote Friday on Twitter. “…Asking size of her butt. Not ending pretty.”

But he noted that the 84-year-old Walters, who is slated to retire later this year, had an “incredible career.”

Last week on “The View,” Walters did several butt exercises while the audience on “The View” chanted, “Go Barbara! Go!” 

“Is my butt any bigger?” Walters asked.

Walters also gave Vice President Joe Biden a kiss on the show.

“I don’t think there’s much doubt that you’re a superb Vice President,” she said.

Walters asked Biden about Obamacare.

“o, I want to start, of course, with — not of course but ObamaCare which has been the most controversial aspect of the President’s program since he was in office. There are glitches. People lost their current plans and doctors and a recent congressional report found that ObamaCare will cause more than two million Americans to quit their jobs or cut their hours. Is it a job killer, ObamaCare?,” she asked. She added, “Why was it such a mess coming out.”

Biden responded in saying “this is a really good report. Let me explain why. You get beyond the headline about 2,000 jobs will be lost. Mr. Elmendorf, the guy who runs the Congressional Budget Office, when he testified he pointed out this is about freedom.”

He added: “How many of you are single women with children in a dead-end job, you’re there because of your health insurance. You would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple of years with your child until they get — if that was your choice, until they get into primary school. You’re now trapped in that job because if you leave, you lose your health insurance. No, you be able to make an independent choice.”