Drudge Report Highlights Protesters Diverting Migrant Buses near Murrieta

Drudge Report has again made immigration the focus on Monday, highlighting a Breitbart article about the diversion of buses to the Murrieta Border Patrol Station in Southern California.

Anti-illegal immigration protesters have been demonstrating in Southern California. Many migrants were being brought to Murrieta from Texas, which has been swarmed by immigrants from Central America, who enter the U.S. via Mexico.

The detainees were being processed at Murrieta for processing, and many of them were later released to reunite with family members until their legal status is figured out, according to the Press Enterprise of Southern California.

Over the weekend, there have been exchanges between pro-immigration supporters and immigration opponents. Officers were forced to separate both sides, according to the paper.

According to Breitbart–a conservative website–many immigration opponents told the site they considered their protesting a success. They claimed that buses going to Murrieta have avoided going there as long as they have been around.

On Monday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he’s declined an offer to greet President Barack Obama when he arrives in the Texas capital on Wednesday.

Instead, the Republican says he’d like a “substantive meeting” with the president on the immigration crisis.

In a letter to the White House on Monday, Perry turned down what he called “a quick handshake on the tarmac.”

But Perry said he’d be willing to rearrange his schedule to discuss “the humanitarian and national security crises” on the Texas-Mexico border.

Obama will be in Dallas and Austin Wednesday and Thursday, raising money for Democratic causes and speaking about the economy.

Perry has previously invited Obama to the border while sharply criticizing his administration amid a surge of unaccompanied children and families, mostly from Central America, pouring into the U.S.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.