Drudge Report Editor Charles Hurt Slams Obama For His ‘Obliviousness’

February 13, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Drudge Report editor Charles Hurt, one of the few staffers of the popular website, has slammed President Barack Obama in a recent opinion column in the Washington Times.

Hurt, who still maintains his column at the Times, which he’s had since before he joined the Report, wrote that Obama “reveals his obliviousness at Monticello.”

The February 11 column asserts that Obama’s widely reported statement while walking on Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello–“That’s the good thing about being president. I can do whatever I want”–was a lame attempt at despot humor that “reveals a shocking unawareness of himself and what so many American people think of him.”

“As if nobody in the White House grasps what a plague this president has been on our Constitution. He simply ignores laws he doesn’t like, rewrites others more to his liking and shows complete disdain for the two branches of government designed precisely to keep the president in check,” Hurt wrote.

“It is easy to imagine Jefferson’s soul, which lurks around every doorway, in every boxwood bush at Monticello, weeping at President Obama’s words. But more likely, he chuckled — if mournfully. This always is how tyranny hatches, and nobody warned us of it more starkly than Jefferson.”

Hurt further asserted that it was untimely to make such a remark while accompanied by French President Fancois Hollande, “who looks more like a dirty little man in a short trenchcoat than a president.”

He then further elaborates on the perceived differences between Gen. George Washington and the current president, saying that while Washington carried out his duties with humility, respect, and devotion to the Constitution, Obama “is a serial Constitutional adulterer.”

“In the vicious Valley Forge winter of 1777, Washington and Lafayette bravely led the barefoot, sick and starving men who suffered, fought and died for the country and Constitution we inherited. All that misery they suffered so future generations might reap freedom and prosperity,” Hunt concluded.

“But today, here in this city, under this leadership, all has been reversed. They reap today all the freedom and prosperity they can conjure up while sowing the seeds of untold misery for future generations.”


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