Drone Video Captures Abandoned Detroit Silverdome, and it Isn’t Pretty

By Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
February 13, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Remember the Detroit Silverdome? No? Well, it looks like no one else has either.

But in seriousness, a drone operator has shot an aerial video showing the Silverdome, showing the the longtime Detroit Lions stadium in shabby shape.

“Well this was just fun. Sad to see this stadium in this condition but it really needs to go now. And the music well if you remember the Lions when they played in the Silverdome you remember this song,” says Matt Ervin, the drone operator, on his YouTube channel.

An activist and longtime resident in Pontiac, where the Silverdome is located, told MLive.com last month that she’s “embarrassed and ashamed” by its state.

“People driving through that area (by the Silverdome) look over there and say ‘God, what is wrong with Pontiac?’,” Mona Hofmeister told the website. “They probably shake their heads and wonder if we, as residents, are ashamed at what it has become.

“Well, we are embarrassed and we are ashamed, but the owner feels no embarrassment or shame at all. And that reflects back on us.”