Driving under the influence convictions and the business owner

November 14, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

A DUI conviction can have severe consequences

In many instances a DUI conviction could lead to the immediate suspension of your driver’s license. This could have a very negative impact upon your career or in the case of a small business owner this could have a drastic impact upon that business depending on exactly how severe the restrictions is that are being imposed because of your conviction. There are many reported cases where such a conviction has eventually led to such a person losing their jobs. This is because such a DUI conviction could severely limit your choices if you are not allowed to take out a limited license which will at least allow you to get to and from your workplace or business with your own vehicle. There are many instances where public transport simply may not be suitable for your specific transport needs and this can create severe problems for persons who are dependent on their motor vehicles.

DUI convictions are one of the most common in the US

One would suppose that because of the widespread and therefore well-known occurrence of DUI convictions that people will tend to avoid a situation where they could be convicted of this crime but that does not seem to be the case because over many years this kind of conviction are one which are the most common and which happens the most frequently within the US. And this is exactly why consequences for such a conviction are mostly severe because a way has to be found to let people see the very serious nature of these kinds of offenses and the consequences which result because of drinking too much and doing so while driving. Those persons who persist with their unlawful action will eventually have their licenses revoked permanently and it is only after you have lost that license that you realize how very important such a license actually are especially in a country like the US.

And DUI conviction will seriously affect your insurance

Any insurance company view such an DUI conviction as a serious risk factor for their company and that is why when you are convicted of such an offense your insurance rates will be increased and under certain circumstances such an insurance company will simply cancel your insurance policy if they see that you are an offender which has been repeatedly convicted. This could create serious problems for a person who absolutely must have a vehicle in order to pursue their career or their business interests. Most motor vehicles which are purchased under some kind of financial agreement absolutely must have insurance upon that motor vehicle. If you are unable to get insurance that financial institution will simply not approve your loan. And this is why a DUI Phoenix conviction is such a serious situation to deal with because it will affect many areas of a person’s life and could be a threat to their entire way of living.