Driver Rams Car Over Sidewalk Killing 3 Teens on Their Way to Soccer Tournament

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
May 27, 2019 Updated: May 27, 2019

Three teens died on May 25 in North Miami after they were struck by a car while waiting for a bus to go to a soccer tournament.

The incident happened on Saturday morning while 13-year-old Gedeon Desir, 15-year-old Lens Desir, and 17-year-old Richecarde Dumay were together walking on the sidewalk. They were members of Little Haiti Soccer Club and were about to take a bus to a soccer tournament in Weston, reported CBS Miami.

A GoFundMe page for the boys said they were on their way to play alongside their friends as members of the under-18 and under-15 teams later that afternoon.

“Last time I see him, Friday night, just me and him going to a restaurant to eat. That was the last time and Saturday morning they call me and say my son dead,” Lens’ dad, Penel Jean Desir, told the media.

Pat Santangelo, a Little Haiti Football Club board member, told CBS Miami that all the three children were gifted athletes, had good values, and studied hard.

They were not related; Gideon Desir was a student at North Miami Middle School, while the other two studied at Miami Edison High School.

A picture of 13-year-old Gedeon Desir, 15-year-old Lens Desir, and 17-year-old Richecarde Dumay shared on GoFundMe. (Little Haiti FC Soccer Club/GoFundMe)

“These three children were the type of kids that any parent would wish their child could be like. We were really, really proud of these three young men, they represented the Little Haiti community very well. They represented the City of Miami very well,” Santangelo said.

Surveillance footage showed grainy images of what happened that morning—the boys were walking on the sidewalk when a car came rushing towards them.

“They take three young boys, three soccer player. She drive so fast, where she come from to take three lives, boys’ lives like that,” Jean Desir said.

The driver survived the crash and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The families of three victims meet on Monday to plan their funerals.

The tragic demise of the three youths left their team members in tears.

“They were hurting, crying, showing their love, expressing their love for their teammates,” Rev. Mike Davis, a local pastor, told 7 News Miami.

Another local pastor, Father Reginald Jean-Mary, said Desir was active in the local church community.

“This was a really young man who made a lot of sacrifices, who had a good vision for tomorrow, who had good ideals in life,” he told 7 News Miami.

The case is under investigation. Local media reported people paying tributes to the three young boys with blue balloons, flowers, and stuffed animals at the spot they were killed.

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