Dri Archer, Former Kent State RB, Nearly Breaks 40-Yard Dash Record

February 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Dri Archer, former Kent State running back, ran the 40-yard-dash at the NFL combine in 4.26 seconds.

That time fell just short of the 4.24 seconds that Chris Johnson posted in 2006.

Archer’s time is the second-fastest since the NFL began officially recording times in 1999.

The 5’8″ Archer predicted ahead of time that he would beat the record.

Johnson of the Tennessee Titans said via Twitter after the combine that he had been nervous.

One scout did hand-time the run, clocking it at 4.18 seconds, a source told NBC.

Before 1999, times were recorded that way. A number of players had times faster than that 4.18 seconds in those days, including Darrell Green, a former cornerback with the Washington Redskins (4.15) and Bo Jackson, a running back with the Orlando Raiders (4.12).

Archer is slated to be a slot receiver and mix-in option on offense in the NFL.


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