Dragon Age Inquisition: Developers Answer Questions

The developers working on Dragon Age: Inquisition took the time to answer a few questions recently.

Daniel Kading, one of the devs, answered a question about customizing AI tactics in the game.

“Yes. The interface has changed, but it includes the ability to customize what skills your allies use, when they will (or won’t!) use potions based on their health and how many potions you have left, and set targeting rules such as guarding certain allies or attacking the leader’s target,” he said, according to GameZone.com, which published many more quotes from Kading a few days ago.

He also emphatically added there’s “no equipment decay!” He said, “Thedosian merchants give their products lifetime guarantees, which was a pretty shrewd business move what with the apocalyptic sky-hole.”

The game will not feature dual-wielding for characters other than the rogue classes. “Dual-wielding daggers is otherwise only available to a rogue,” he said.

And players’ mana and stamina will regenerate, but health will not.

Kading elaborated: ” Mana and stamina regenerate. Health does not, requiring you to be careful about overextending yourself in your adventures. Potions are your primary method of healing in the field, though there are a few rare abilities that can be used tactically to regain health.”

According to GamingBolt, the ending of Inquisition won’t be like Mass Effect’s ending, another developer stressed.

After Mass Effect 3, a number of fans complained that the ending just wasn’t satisfying. BioWare apparently took note of that, as producer Cameron Lee said, “The controversy about Mass Effect’s ending was just that: it was about the ending. Bioware has been successful writing stories across many games and many years. Fundamentally, we don’t really change the way we tell a story.”

Inquisition will be out in November for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC.