Dr. Phil Interviews Amber Hilberling, Woman Serving 25-Year Sentence After Murdering Husband

February 5, 2016 Updated: February 5, 2016

Amber Hilberling is serving a 25-year sentence after being convicted of murdering her husband in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hilbering was charged with second degree murder after pushing her husband Josh Hilberling, then 23, out of a window in their 25th floor apartment in June 2012.

She was offered a plea deal that would have given her five years in prison, which she rejected, and was ultimately sentenced to 25 years.

Hilberling told Dr. Phil the last words she said to her husband before pushing him: “I called him a coward.”

Hilberling claimed that her husband was going to another state to sell drugs, leaving her fuming.

“Everything just got too hard, and he got kicked out of the Air Force, and he didn’t want to go find a regular job,” she said. “He had been a drug dealer before, so he knew how much money he could make.”

Hilberling, who was pregnant at the time, said she wanted her husband “to grow up” and take care of her.

She said her husband grabbed her after she called him a coward, and she pushed him off. Next thing she knew, he had plummeted 17 floors and landed on a parking structure.

“There was just a broken window. I was still two or three feet away. People assume we were standing right next to this window and I should’ve known better,” she said. “It was probably two or three feet because I remember having to rush to the window and I didn’t see him falling. I just saw him hit the ground.”