Dozens of homemade pornographic Videos of Guyanese students shows up on international adult website.

February 4, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

EDITORIAL NOTE: (the name or identification of the link to the website in question has been removed from the article in order to protect the identity of the victims in the videos)


Georgetown, Guyana: – Two months ago, an investigative writer and friend from the New York Times brought an internet link to my attention and ask me about my thoughts on it.

Upon following the link, I discovered that it was an adult user-content website that has several videos of Guyanese women and students engaging in sexual activity that was captured on either phone cameras or laptop cameras, in amateur fashion.

In all, I counted about 47 videos containing telltale sexual escapades involving apparently cheating girlfriends, one night standers, adventurous housewives, and even students right within the confines of the university of Guyana, in vehicles, and wherever else the parties could have had their chances.

One was even more daring when you notice a half-pants-down young lady and another male student performing the act right on the stairs that led to one of the University’s faculties in seemingly broad daylight.

From my own observation, and the expert opinion of two pornographic crime investigators, only three of the young ladies seemed to know that they were being filmed, with one seemingly drugged.
In the other videos, the females don’t seem to have a clue that their male partner was filming the whole thing.

One of the experts further told me that it was obvious that the male partners simply kept their phone camera running before the encounter, then rest it down in a tilted position that would have been sufficient to capture the whole thing, although from just one angle.

However, all of the women’s faces in the videos were evident, the act was evident, and in some cases, even the camera smiling faces of their male perpetrators were evident.

Some of the victims in the videos seem younger than eighteen, while others seem a little older, and in which you can hear audio of a few of them discussing their husbands or partner against whom they have cheated.
In other instances, the perpetrator has posted their victims real names, sometimes the names of their husbands, and details of where they live, study or work for all to see on the site.

To add insult to injury, most of the woman probably do not know that a pornographic video of them are making the rounds internationally on the internet, primarily because the website where the videos are posted is not that popular in Guyana, in addition to the fact that the perpetrator would never tell them about the video.

However, most male perpetrators would often privately point their friends or other persons to a password timed-out version of the link so that they can see the action.

According to William A. Dafoe, a senior researcher on human trafficking and female exploitation at the University of Wales, most of these acts are done either out of the perpetrator’s desire to control the victim, demand repeated sexual encounters with the victim, humiliate the victim, force them to pay a large hush ransom every month (to conceal the video), or simply for egoistic fun.

He suffices that in closely connected societies such as Guyana, the victims might either run away to a larger country to escape attention, suffers a nervous breakdown, adhere to the perpetrator’s ransom request, or even become suicidal.

In order to ascertain this, I set out to identify one of the victims from the University of Guyana, and subsequently made cautious contact with her.
After counseling her, she subsequently gained the courage and visited a link that shows a three minutes and forty seven seconds video of her engaging in the act with another identifiable male.

To make a long story short, the young lady almost collapsed, wept bitterly and hid her head from me in disgrace.
Two hours later she was admitted to a private hospital, and sadly began to make moves to quit her university life the next week as part of a plan to migrate before the video can become viral locally.

But in a bid to help her to get her life back, I urged her not to quit her studies but to allow me and some good people an opportunity to try to get the video removed.

And with the help of three of my fellow journalists in the U.S, along with a Skype plea from the victim herself, we were successful in getting the site operators to remove the video, and even had to do the same for another site that had duplicated it.

It practically took a lot of our time, four days of pleading, and a huge phone bill to get that lone video removed, since the site owners were reluctant to deal with additional videos that were posted with innocent Guyanese women.

Nonetheless, the affected victim could smile a little now.

But what would stop her perverted partner from uploading the video to the same site or to several others all over again?

And who may be willing to exhaust their resources and time to have it pulled down again?

The reality is that I cannot give you a positive answer to either of those questions.

Only if Guyana had laws that would truly convict the perverts that carry out these sorts of atrocious acts on our young women, then the situation would have probably been different.

There is no doubt that the Guyanese authorities have been repeatedly warning the public, especially female students to be mindful of the choices that they make.

But as always, the messages never seem to make any sense to some, while others probably felt that such a thing can never happen to them.

And until there are tough pornographic laws in Guyana, the only defense tool that any young woman, cheating girlfriend or adventurous lady can use is; their common sense, which denotes that they must never totally trust the people who breathes in their face; and must always be mindful of the possibility that the room or car that you are having an adventure in, might be bugged with video recording devices, or just a simple tilted phone on his camera.

After all, an internet broadcasted video of a nude you in the act, is more than a humiliating incident for your character. In essence, it will be more of a disgrace to you, your parents, your family, your siblings, your friends, work mates, and all those who had preserved a little respect for you.

In the end, I hope you do not allow yourself to be added to the video count on that pornographic website, which is more interested in its daily perverted viewership than the destruction of your young life.

(Editorial note: The writer of this article is open to sharing this information with law enforcement agencies only once their credibility is established. He may be contact via email address: adonisbooks(at) This article was a research feature by International Journalist, Dennis E. Adonis)