Dozens Hurt after Bus Overturns in SF: Reports

December 10, 2017 Updated: December 10, 2017

A few dozen people were injured after a bus overturned on a San Francisco freeway. Twenty-nine passengers and the driver were hurt in all.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, most of those who were injured are home.

Two of those injured were sent to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, and they remained there on Saturday, CBS San Francisco reported.

“I remember we were dancing on the road and then suddenly fell to one side, then I forgot everything,” said bus passenger, Marco Zorzi, ABC7 reported.

The private charter bus was carrying passengers from San Francisco to Palo Alto for a holiday party on Friday when the driver lost control of the bus on Highway 101.

“The bus flipped over on my side, I’m very lucky,” said Zorzi.

The driver of the bus wasn’t under the influence. “The bus driver was not impaired at the time of the collision,” Officer Vu Williams from the California highway patrol told ABC7.

Williams said that an investigation is underway.

“We will look at everything including if speed was a factor,” Williams added.

The company who owns the bus, Charter Bros., said the driver wasn’t speeding.

“It’s definitely not a maintenance issue. It’s not a driver issue. The reason why this happened is very ambiguous,” Avi Josen, East Bay operation manager for the family-based company, told The Chronicle. “We have trackers on our units. It was not a speeding issue.”

He added that in the crash, “everything seems to have checked out.”


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