Doom 4 Beta: Trailer Released for Upcoming ‘DOOM’; Appears to Show Cyberdemon

“Doom 4” (which is just called “DOOM” this time around) got a teaser trailer during E3 2014, showing a glimpse of what appears to be a Cyberdemon–one of the franchise’s most feared enemies.

The trailer appears to show the the Mars landscape, with a voice talking about a “powerful technology with infinite possibilities.” The voice adds that “instead, we let them in,” referring to the demons that inhabit the “Doom” universe.

“We infused a holy union of flesh and metal. Now this brave new world has gone to Hell,” the voice says.

At the same time, the clip shows what appears to be the Cyberdemon before it opens a door, which has the familiar “Doom” door opening noise. The Cyberdemon was a boss in the first “Doom” game in Episode 2 and were featured in later games.

There’s been little information about the latest installment in the “Doom”franchise. It’s unclear if the game will be a reboot of the series, if it will be a continuation of where “Doom 3” left off, or something else.

“Doom 3” was released a decade ago on the PC, and it placed a stronger emphasis on survival horror elements. It’s also unclear if “Doom 4a” will have a similar theme.

According to some gaming publications, the cinematic trailer likely will lead more information being revealed at QuakeCon on July 20.

“Doom 4” was first announced in 2008 during QuakeCon, but id Software entered a tumultuous period, leading to Bethesda parent company ZeniMax to take over. Id Software’s John Carmack also left the company and went to Oculus Rift.

ZeniMax gave away free beta keys to the next “Doom” game when they pre-ordered “Wolfenstein: The New Order,” which came out a few months ago.