'Don't Follow the Communist Regime Into its Grave'

February 23, 2007 12:00 am Last Updated: February 23, 2007 12:00 am

Recently, The Epoch Times published a series of reports on the Wang Lian spy incident. Former Secretary General of the Shanxi Provincial Expert Association of Science and Technology Jia Jia commented on the incident, “I am not surprised, the communist regime is doing this all the time.”

Wang Lian holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He joined the Hong Kong Epoch Times (HKET) as senior technical support in 2001. On Sept. 12, 2006, the regime's National Security officials kidnapped Wang on his trip to Zhuhai City, China. After 3 days of intense brainwashing and torture, the communist regime forced him to work as a spy in order to “destroy the HKET from the inside.”

Jia said, “The communist regime has a long history of doing these kinds of things; these are most despicable things but the regime has specialized in it, and unfortunately I am not surprised. The CCP is born to do these things, anything that is evil, anything that is harmful to the development of society, anything that has a destructive effect to society, the CCP has mastered it, because it is evil, and it is not possible for it to do any thing righteous.”

“The regime has dispatched many spies into the overseas Chinese societies, and overseas democratic movement groups as well as the Falun Gong group. The spies come from China thru many channels such as studying abroad, migration, visiting relatives, doing business overseas, even as refugees, etc. Many of them are like Wang Lian, they are forced or threatened to do so. The only purpose of doing that is to control the overseas Chinese and to maintain its dictatorship ruling,” said Jia

Dr. Wang Lian addresses a  rally in Australia. (The Epoch Times)
Dr. Wang Lian addresses a rally in Australia. (The Epoch Times)

“I had this understanding after I left China; a lot of people are already abroad and yet still afraid of the regime. Who does not have relatives in China? Therefore, the CCP utilizes these family ties to blackmail overseas Chinese, forcing them to be spies for them. Why the CCP has not collapsed yet? It is the fear inside the hearts of overseas Chinese people. Therefore, I appeal to all Chinese abroad and all political groups abroad to get rid of this fear, not to be fooled by the CCP.”

Jia Jia believes that China will have a democratic system and will have freedom of belief. He says, “The overseas spies who have been used and forced by the CCP should all stand up like Wang Lian to expose the CCP's despicable behavior.”

Jia said, “Many high-ranking communist officials are breaking up with the party now, many of them have withdrawn from the party. Why would anyone still want to be their spies? The regime only bullies timid people; it gains an inch and asks for a yard if you are afraid; if you are not afraid but bravely disclose its evil acts, the Mainland people will support you and protect you. The regime is falling; please don't fall into the grave with it.”