Dog Left Alone Inside Abandoned Home for Weeks, Neighbors Say

Update: Animal Control says they found the owner and will remove it
August 2, 2017 Updated: August 2, 2017

A dog was found trapped inside an abandoned building all alone for at least three weeks, according to a report.

A neighbor called Fox2 after seeing the animal in distress, sticking its head out the window at the Detroit property. Footage showed that the dog chewed through a window screen and was sticking its head out the window.

The owner, however, was nowhere to be found, the report stated.

“People should not get dogs if they can’t take care of them,” neighbor Alicia Gates said.

“I just feel real bad for the guy—he’s going to jump out of there,” she said. “But he needs food, he needs water and he is using the bathroom in there and they smell him.”

Other neighbors said that the dog had been in there for weeks.

A dog rescue group reached out to Detroit Animal Control, who learned the dog might be abandoned.

According to a later report, Animal Control officers finally found the owner of the property and plan on removing the dog.

Another neighbor complained of the smell of urine and excrement coming from the building.

“It smells horrible and it is just unkind to that animal—no one should be treated that way,” Mary Forest said.

“Look how he is and he’s about ready to jump out of there,” Forest added. “If he jumps out, of course he is going to be angry and hungry. And you never know what is going to happen.”

In the comments section of the Fox2 report, people were livid. ” It’s neglect!!!! Go get the dog and stop worrying about the stupid homeowner who abandoned the dog!!!!!” wrote one person. Added another: “So go in there and get that [expletive] dog!!! Why do they need to wait and get permission?? They are breaking animal cruelty laws… Is that not a crime with enough probable cause to enter the property??”