Dog Buries Puppy in Possible Act of Mourning (+Video)

June 24, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Dog buries puppy? A dog buried a dead puppy in a ditch in what was believed to be an act of mourning and was captured on camera.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows a dog burying the puppy. It uses its nose and paws to push the puppy into a ditch it dug. The dog then piles dirt on top of it.

The New York Daily News reported that the burial likely took place somewhere in Iraq, but it is unconfirmed. There is Arabic text on the YouTube channel, meaning it could have been in the Middle East or in the Persian Gulf. A person is also heard in the background speaking Arabic.

It is also not clear if the dog or the puppy were related.

In the video, the dog spends nearly three minutes making sure the puppy is safely buried.