Dog Abandoned at Las Vegas Airport Finds New Home

September 26, 2017 Updated: September 26, 2017

A young Chihuahua found at a Las Vegas airport this summer with a heartbreaking note strapped to his collar has found a new home.

NBC affiliate KSNV reported that the puppy, named Chewy, was adopted after thousands of applications flooded into Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue where he was taken after being found.

Chewy’s owner apparently couldn’t afford to take him as she fled an abusive relationship.

The note the owner attached to Chewy before leaving him in a bathroom in the McCarran International Airport said that the dog had a lump on his head because the woman’s abusive boyfriend kicked him, and she couldn’t afford to take Chewy as she fled.

“She didn’t want to leave me with all her heart but she has no other option,” the note reads, referring to the owner in the third person. “I love my Chewy so much. Please love and take care of him.”

Chewy’s heartbreaking story of abuse and abandonment has garnered national and international attention, and Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue was flooded with so many applications that it had to stop accepting them.

Chewy stayed in a foster home while the shelter sorted out his adoption paperwork.

The dog’s foster mom confirmed that Chewy indeed had a lump on his head.

“He also had some really bad pain in his jaw,” Patricia Montano, Chewy’s foster parent told KSNV. “He yawned and there was just this gut-wrenching scream.”

She took him to the vet and reports that he is now happy and healthy.