Does the US Have Time to Counter Beijing’s Unrestricted Warfare?

May 1, 2021 Updated: May 5, 2021


The U.S. Congress has just voted to advance the Strategic Competition Act of 2021, which is the first time in decades that Democrats and Republicans both want to take a tough stance in dealing with the Chinese regime.

After decades of globalization, China and the United States have developed a very complex and interdependent relationship. The United States is becoming increasingly aware that if it compromises with a crazed adversary, it will meet with disastrous consequences. It’s actually a difficult choice for the United States to counter the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on all fronts in the form of legislation, but still, Washington has overcome the major obstacle of a large number of interest groups and has finally openly announced its determination to do so. 

Some experts believe the United States and China have been clashing in a “grey zone” and that the aggressor is the Chinese regime. The concept of the grey zone has been used a lot, and it refers to fighting in the zone between war and peace. I don’t like this concept because it obscures the real situation—the CCP has been waging “unrestricted warfare” against the United States since June 4, 1989, more than 30 years ago.

The concept of unrestricted warfare was introduced by the CCP, which claims that future wars should be waged through “all means, including armed force or non-armed force, military and non-military, and lethal and non-lethal means to compel the enemy to accept one’s interests,” as two Chinese military officers, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, wrote in their book “Unrestricted Warfare.” This concept originates from the CCP’s gambling mentality following the collapse of the Soviet Union: either to be disintegrated or to conquer the world.

It’s playing a life-and-death game, using the death and disaster of the world as its bets.

Chi Haotian, defense minister of the CCP from 1993 to 2003, was the first person to interpret this concept. His opinion is that, instead of nuclear war with heavy casualties on both sides, biological weapons and other lethal weapons could be used against the United States. And indeed, the CCP has been doing this for the past several decades.

Epoch Times Photo
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome patients recuperate in an isolation ward of Beijing Ditan Hospital in Beijing on April 17, 2003. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images)

A year after the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) broke out in China, the virus reportedly escaped from a Beijing lab twice in 2004. To prevent a similar incident from occurring again, the CCP sought help from France in setting up P4 labs, dispatched many experts to participate in virus research in the United States and around the world, and invested heavily in setting up virus labs in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, Chinese experts have already entered the most important biochemical laboratories in North America and Canada, many of which have been acquired and merged by Chinese capital in recent years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has become part of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare to take full advantage of the allocation of global resources, and use trade and resources as its weapons. Even medical supplies have become the CCP’s weapons.

Another important element of unrestricted warfare is the CCP’s secret agents who have been dispatched to the United States and the world. There are now a large number of agents in the West who call themselves “pro-communists,” many of whom are already citizens of the countries where they reside. The CCP has taken advantage of Western institutions to allow their agents to establish association groups in order to carry out the regime’s infiltration and attack. These groups offer benefits to local officials in order to control regional politics.

Last year, during the initial outbreak of the pandemic, the CCP mobilized Chinese companies and associations overseas to buy masks to send to China, showcasing the CCP’s unrestricted warfare.

One particular battleground of unrestricted warfare is the CCP’s acquisition, establishment, and infiltration of media overseas. The CCP’s lies have been able to achieve the effect of deceiving the world’s people. Even America’s mainstream media have become a captive of the CCP and are constantly helping the CCP spread its lies and propaganda.

The NBA and Hollywood also have fallen under the CCP’s influence. America’s tech giants and social media outlets such as Facebook have kowtowed to China. Bill Gates, who is of major influence to the world, has made no secret of the fact that he takes sides with the CCP.

In recent years, the CCP has also made no secret of its intention to conquer the United States and the West. Di Dongsheng, associate dean of the School of International Studies at the Renmin University of China in Beijing, mentioned during last year’s U.S. presidential election that the CCP had an enormous influence on senior U.S. politicians and Wall Street. Jin Canrong, a professor and associate dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University and an adviser to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, said in a July 2016 speech, “If China has thousands of votes on hand, China will be the boss of the candidates.”

Epoch Times Photo
Di Dongsheng, associate dean of the School of International Studies at the Renmin University of China in Beijing, speaking at a seminar shared on Chinese online video-sharing platform Guan Video on Nov. 28, 2020 (Guan Video/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

In fact, many Chinese communists who have infiltrated the United States have already become naturalized Americans, and they actually have the U.S. votes that can be controlled by the CCP. They use the many associations they have established and the money they have earned in America to help the CCP implement its unrestricted warfare against the United States.

Through Chinese social media such as WeChat, those pro-communist groups have also formed a disruptive force powerful enough to influence U.S. elections—and they actually identify as Americans. That’s the real problem that the United States faces.

The CCP knows what they’re reaping, so it has started to openly challenge the United States. Yang Jiechi, a member of the CCP’s Politburo and director of the Foreign Affairs Office, delivered a 17-minute speech in Alaska in March that could be viewed as an overt challenge. The CCP’s “wolf warrior” diplomats are very bold. Does the international community see that?

The CCP has been attacking the United States on many fronts for 30 years through unrestricted warfare. Will the United States finally wake up now?

The U.S. Congress finally realized that it has to take action against the Chinese regime. I hope it’s not too late and that the Strategic Competition Act will soon become law.

Guppy Dong (a pseudonym) was a government official in mainland China until he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for his participation in the Tiananmen Square protests. After his release, he worked as a journalist and editor for several Chinese-language publications. He was also CEO of an enterprise listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, general manager of a consulting company, and visiting professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has written many articles exposing the Chinese Communist Party. He fled China in 2018, and is now living in the United States.

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