Doctors Save Lifeless Baby After Bomb Attack in Aleppo, Syria

August 21, 2016 Updated: August 22, 2016

Doctors in Aleppo, Syria, were able to save the life of a baby of a Syrian woman who was injured during an airstrike.

The delivery was captured on film by Britain’s Channel 4.

The mother of the child, identified only as Mayissa, was injured as she was walking to the hospital to give birth. Her arm and leg were both broken, and surgeons had to remove shrapnel from her body.

Doctors, according to NBC News, then had to perform an emergency C-section to deliver the child.

The baby showed no signs of life when it was delivered, but doctors were able to revive the boy.

“Is the heart beating?” one the doctors asks. “No, no, I’m sorry” another replies.

But after several minutes, the boy is heard crying.

“The most elemental sound of all,” Channel 4 journalist Matt Frei says in the video report. “More powerful, for a brief moment, than Aleppo’s daily cry of death.” Frei added: “The war almost ended his life before it had a chance to start. But the war will continue to be his companion and shape the world that he has entered.”

The video can be seen here (warning: contains graphic content).

The delivery comes just days after a photo of a child—identified as Omran Daqneesh—sitting silently after an airstrike, was shared widely on social media.

The brother of Daqneesh died of wounds sustained during the airstrike, the BBC reported, citing activists.

The Syria Solidarity Campaign stated that the brother, 10-year-old Ali, had “passed away today due to his injuries from the bombing of his house by Russia/Assad.”