Doctors Expect Baby to Be 11Ib. But When They Weigh Him, Parents Think Scale Is Broken

August 26, 2019 Updated: August 31, 2019

What a little champ! These huge bundles of joy made the headlines soon after they were born by smashing the record to be the biggest baby ever born in their respective hospital. Welcome to the world, massive babies. Their parents must be bursting with pride!

Indiana mom Whitney Hallett had given birth to possibly one of the biggest babies ever born in the entire state a few years ago on May 1, 2017. Waylon Cole Hallett was born via C-section in Seymour at Schneck Medical Center, weighing a whopping 16 pounds (approx. 7 kg) and measuring 24.5 inches (62.23 cm).

Whoa, baby!

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Waylon was the biggest baby ever to be born at Schneck Medical Center in Indiana. He came into the world with a full head of curly brown locks. Just look at his hands and feet!

Whitney has gestational diabetes, which sometimes causes a fetus to grow very big. The mom said at a 37-week ultrasound, doctors expected him to be around 11 pounds, 11 ounces (approx. 5 kg). “The doctors and nurses were like, ‘OMG,'” proud dad, Edmond Hallett, told the US Weekly. “We ended up weighing him three times because no one could believe he actually weighed 16 pounds. At first I thought maybe the scale was broken.”

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Waylon spent seven weeks afterward in the NICU for breathing and feeding issues. At 7 weeks old, the infant weighed 17 pounds 7 ounces (approx. 8 kg), the size of an average 6-month-old, WLKY reported. He’s such a big boy!

The healthy Waylon was eventually released home. “He sleeps a lot, more than our other babies did, but he’s healthy. When he’s awake, he’s alert and smiles. He’s a happy boy,” his dad said.

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Whilst on the other side of the world, Aussie parents Mason Macdonald and Makaela Kirkby welcomed their healthy baby girl, Maisie Lily Macdonald—the heaviest baby born at Queensland’s Rockhampton Hospital—on Monday, Sept. 4, 2017. Maisie, born a week early, weighed a whopping 13 pounds 4 ounces (approx. 6 kg).

Her father, Macdonald, took to Facebook to announce his excitement. “I’d like to introduce Maisie Lily Macdonald to everyone, weighing in at 13 pound 4 ounces (6.020 kilograms) claiming the record of biggest baby born at Rockhampton hospital,” Macdonald wrote. “Welcome to the world and the family ya massive newborn.”

This is Maisie Lily Macdonald. She was born tipping the scales at 6.02kg. In her dad's words "welcome to the world ya…

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The happy father also accompanied the Facebook post with a photo of Maisie when she was just out of her mother’s womb at the operating theater. “Everyone in the theater room were all just amazed… As soon as they pulled her out and I saw her, I knew she was going to be big [and] it spread around the hospital so quickly,” Macdonald told HuffPost Australia.

Since the photo of Maisie’s birth was posted, it has garnered more than 1,100 likes and over 1,200 comments. Netizens are in awe of the giant baby. “Congratulations to all, what a brilliant start in life she has! So beautiful and she has her beautiful big sis Aubree to look up to!” wrote one Facebook user.

I'd like to introduce Maisie Lily Macdonald to everyone, weighing in at 13 pound 4 ounces (6.020 kilograms) claiming the…

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As one would expect, both parents were surprised by this huge bundle of joy. “I was pretty stoked. I couldn’t believe she was six kilograms, it’s cool,” Macdonald told the TODAY Show. While Kirkby, who comes from a family of big babies, shared: “I went for a growth scan at about 37 weeks and she was weighing about ten pound then. I certainly didn’t think she’d come out at 13 pounds.”

After the huge baby was born, Kirkby was relieved, as she had a tough pregnancy towards the last few weeks. “I was just over it,” Kirkby joked. With the addition of Maisie, the Macdonald family now has four members. Maisie has an elder sister, Aubree Rose, who was also born big, tipping the scales at over 5 kilograms (approx. 11 pounds).

Woah baby! (Via Daily Mail Australia)

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In case you’re wondering, the average newborn typically weighs 7.5 pounds (approx. 3.4 kg) at birth, as per the American Pregnancy Organization. The heaviest baby ever born hailed from Aversa, Italy. Italian mom Carmelina Fedele delivered this gigantic baby boy, weighing 22 pounds and 8 ounces (approx. 10 kg) back in September 1955, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Wow! May these massive babies bring their parents more happiness in a big way.

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16-pound-baby born in Seymour

Meet Waylon! He was born in Seymour on May 1 and might be the biggest baby ever born in Indiana!

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