‘Doctor Who’ Season 8: Peter Capaldi Rides Mechanical Horse (+Video)

January 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“Doctor Who” season 8 has began filming this month, and Peter Capaldi was shown wearing a nightgown in a behind-the-scenes video.

Capaldi was quoted in “Doctor Who” magazine as saying that the new Doctor will be “madder” than before.

“The last two Doctors have been ‘your boyfriend’ Doctors. It was time for the show to flip around. The new version of the show is quite old now,” he told the magazine. “We’re going to give Clara a Doctor who is a much older, fiercer, madder, less reliable Doctor who leads her a merry dance.”

He added: “It may surprise you now, but something like [First Doctor adventure] ‘The Web Planet’ lived powerfully and expansively in my head for decades… until the DVDs came along and spoiled the party. But I’m glad to say that the Menoptra eventually flitted back into my dreams, where they belong.”

Benedict Cumberbatch, who starred alongside Capaldi, said he’s “excited” to see him play the doctor.

“[It’s] great news. I’m very excited to see him in Doctor Who,” he said, according to the Metro. “He is a class act, Peter, and a great actor.”

Last year, it was announced that Capaldi would play the 12th Time Lord.

The eighth season of the show will come to the BBC and BBC America in the fall.