Doctor in China Removes Sewing Needles From Baby’s Body

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
August 10, 2013 Updated: August 10, 2013

Doctors removed sewing needles that had been intentionally pushed into the body of an eleven-month-old girl in China’s southern Jiangsu Province. Some netizens blamed the cruelty on the effects of China’s one-child policy.

A pediatric surgeon at Huai’an City Women and Children’s Hospital surgically removed four rusty needles from a little girl’s waist and bottom on Aug. 6, a local Jiangsu news outlet reported.

One of the needles was broken into two pieces. The surgery was very risky since the needles were moving around inside the girl’s body and could easily have hurt her internal organs, the surgeon said. The needles had become rusty from being inside the body for a while.

The director of the pediatrics surgery department said that the needles had intentionally been inserted into the body. The child’s family did not want to comment, and the hospital had informed the police, the report said.

Netizens expressed their dismay over the cruelty. Some blamed China’s state-enforced one-child policy for making people insensitive.

In a recent report about the enforcement of the one-child policy, a woman from Anping Town in Hunan Province is said to be suffering from mental disorders after having been forced to undergo an abortion during her seventh month of pregnancy in November 2011.

According to the woman’s husband, who posted their ordeal online, the doctor dropped the aborted fetus, which was breathing, into a plastic bag in front of the mother. He then paid a cleaning woman 80 yuan (US$13) to bury it.

Translated by Pingping Yu. Written in English by Gisela Sommer.

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Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff