Do You Love Your Job As Much As Watching TV?

December 9, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Too often in corporate america the words ‘purpose’ and ‘career’ don’t always align. Instead, your job is simply a vehicle to get you to next best (fill in the blank). Hours are long, communication between departments is scarce or at best poorly executed and you seem to always be waiting on someone to be able to finish your work or pending the approval of someone else – where exactly does passion feature into this equation? In fact 70% of Americans reported being “disengaged” from their work in a 2013 State of the American Workplace study. Keep reading if you want to be part of the 30% of passionate Americans.

Here’s the quick and dirty: If you’re miserable then it’s up to you to do something about it. How many of us wait for our bosses, parents or someone else to come fix things for us? We get home, turn on the TV and decide to focus on something else. Want to love your job? When you get home sit down to make a plan for where you want to be instead of watching reality TV. Sometimes options can seem scarce – especially when you keep hearing reports on the unemployment rate in the United States – but creating a new reality for yourself is going to take some imagination, vision and confidence.

The hardest part for many is trying to figure out what would make you happier. Maybe you’ve been in the same industry your whole life? Or, you’ve been in a multitude of jobs but you were never been enthralled with any of them. Sit down and write a list (physically and not in your head) of all the activities you do enjoy. List all of them, even the ones you think are “silly”. And, go invest some time doing these activities. It’s by reconnecting with your joy that you will get inspired to see bigger and start to find opportunities come your way.

Now, I know a flood of excuses just swooped in so let me address them right here and now: “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have the money” and “this sounds stupid” are just roadblocks invented by your mind, inspired by fear, to stop you in your tracks. It’s up to you to do something about your situation, remember? So get off the couch and make the time, save up the money and never ever think that what you love is stupid. Because the simple reason that it makes you happy justifies its existence.

Every single one of us deserves to love everyday. So, what are you going to do about it TODAY? Let us know below or email us