DJ Khaled Says San Antonio Spurs ‘Cheated’ to Win Game 1 of NBA Finals During ESPnNAppearance

DJ Khaled appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” today and argued that the Spurs “cheated” to win game 1 of the NBA Finals.

The air conditioning in he AT&T Center in San Antonio notoriously malfunctioned, causing the players extreme discomfort as temperatures reached above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

LeBron James came out of that game with four minutes left due to intense leg cramps. He later said that he tried to come back in but his coach wouldn’t let him.

Danny Green of the Spurs later revealed that the Spurs had fans in their locker room at halftime while the Heat did not, adding fuel to conspiracy theories that the Spurs sabotaged the air conditioning to gain an advantage over their opponent.

Khaled appeared to subscribe to that theory, saying that he knew that the Spurs cheated, claiming “the streets” as his source.

Host Skip Bayless was not pleased with the assessment. 

Khaled said that the series is “over,” as the Heat will win the rest of the games.

“They won, but they cheated,” he said, referring to game 1.

“They practiced with no heat,” Khaled claimed.

Bayless asked for a source, and Khaled said “the streets.”

Stephen Smith chimed in, saying Khaled that he isn’t giving the Spurs the respect that they deserve.

“The streets is saying they cheated,” Khaled said. 

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