DIY Security: How to Keep Your House Safe

There are several things you can do to keep your house safe. Locks, motion lights, and a security system protect the home from intruders. Here are the top 5 home security measures to take to secure your home.

Home Security Systems Deter Burglars from Entering

The best way to keep your house safe is to have a home security monitoring system. Any break-in will be detected by the monitoring company, and they will respond by alerting the local police. It also sounds alarms and turns on lights when windows are broken. The sign provided by most home monitoring companies is enough to deter burglars from even walking onto the property. Be sure to display the sign in a visible part of the lawn or walkway. If you’re looking for more information on home security systems equipment, take a moment and stop by a home security website to learn everything you need to know about equipment and other security issues. 

Place Locks on Doors and Windows

Another way to keep your house safe is to add new and more secure locks on doors and windows. Door knob locks prevent burglars from turning the door knob, which significantly reduces their chances of breaking in. Deadbolt locks and floor jams are much stronger and provide an added layer of defense. Check the windows to make sure the locks are secure. If there are old windows in the house, it’s a good idea to replace the window with a new, more secure one. Keeping your house safe from outside rain is also important to keep it safe from the elements, you can have your gutters cleaned as burglars look for unkempt houses to rob. To get this and your windows clean you can visit a site like for more information.

Install New, More Sturdy Doors

If your front door or back door is old or just not as solid as modern doors, replace them with new ones. Some examples of doors that keep your house safe include steel entry doors and solid mahogany wood doors. Garage doors should be upgraded as well if they are manually operated, and if the garage has a doorway into the home. Check the frame and surrounding structure of the doorway before installing a new door. It should be structurally sound and strong.  There are places that install sturdy doors like when you visit who can also make your windows more secure.

Get a Dog

The next best thing to a security system is a menacing dog. A barking dog will scare away anyone that tries to break into your home. Some of the breeds that are great for deterring burglars include German Shepards, Pit Bulls, and Dobermans. Add a ‘beware of dog’ sign near the back entrance or patio doors. Just be sure to keep the dog fenced in or indoors, instead of running loose on the yard.

Shine a Light at Night with Motion Lights

A dark street provides cover for anyone trying to break into your home. Brighten up the doorway with a motion activated light. It will surprise burglars and cause them to think twice about committing a crime. Most motion activated lights are mounted on the outside wall in front of the house or above the garage door in the back. Some feature daylight shut off options and options for adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor to avoid false triggering. A 180 degree motion sensor is fine for most homes. There are 240 degree models as well, which detect motion around corners.

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