Disneyland Visitors See Smoky Orange Skies From California Wildfires Burning Nearby

October 10, 2017 Updated: October 13, 2017

The skies over Disneyland were ominous and orange as wildfires raged across California.

Guests attending the park looked up at the rides and structures that line the park to be treated to a sky reflecting the seasonal theme of the park. The smoky orange sky is a result of the fires crossing through multiple counties. Anaheim Fire & Rescue is warning residents living near the park of the fire’s progress.

Twitter updates from the service indicate the fire, named Canyon Fire 2, has burned 7,500 acres. The fire started at 9:20 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 9. It destroyed 24 structures in Orange County, and caused evacuations across multiple cities. Area schools were forced to close.

The billowing smoke plumes and orange skies not just over Disneyland, but over other areas of California with a large population are scaring locals and people visiting the area. Almost apocalyptic scenes of ominous skies are going up on social media. There are 1,100 firefighters, including 14 helicopters and six planes struggling to contain the fire’s spread, according to Anaheim Fire & Rescue.

The Disneyland California Adventure Park wasn’t planning to close, even though Walt Disney World and related parks in Florida closed due to Hurricane Irma. Closure is a rare occurrence, as the Florida park closed for only the fifth time in its history, USA Today reported.

Despite the blaze at the root of the colorful atmosphere, the scene gave park visitors an awesome sight. The orange skies matched the pumpkin sculptures and such around the park, or caused silhouettes over the park’s iconic structures.

According to ABC News, 13 people are dead from the fire.

Mike Turpen was at a bar when someone came in and shouted “Fire!” Turpen approached a scary scene when he attempted to save his home.

“It was like Armageddon was on,” Turpen told ABC affiliate KGO. “Every branch of every tree was on fire.”

Authorities received 150 missing persons reports.

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