The Scoop on Fashion Model Dimos

Most people believe that fashion models are snobs because of their appearances. Far from what other people believe, models are regular people too who work and strive to be good at their craft. I was fortunate enough to come across Dimos, who not only is down to earth, but also is an intelligent person. 

Dimos was born in India on May 1990.  His parents brought him to the US when he was 13, and they went back to India when he was 15. He has been living alone since. Dimos attended NYU School of Engineering and pursued his bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering (talk about being smart). Dimos’ friends encouraged him to get into modeling as they saw that he has a lot of potential. He has been modeling since December 2013. Aside from modeling, Dimos also took  figure drawing classes at New York Academy of Art. He mentioned that he loved to draw and paint in his spare time. 

NK: How did you start modeling?

Dimos: My friends pushed me into becoming a model. I’ve always wanted to have a career that’s more creative compared to engineering.

NK: Who inspired you to become a fashion model?

Dimos: My mother. She used to buy me these nice bracelets that made me look more fashionable. She inspired me to dress nicely.

NK: What’s your most memorable shoot? 

Dimos: Shooting in the rain with Rob Morales.

NK: What’s the biggest highlight of your career to date? Why was it a highlight?

Dimos: Every shoot is a highlight. The shoots I’ve done so far, were by people who wanted to work with me when I just started in the modeling business.

NK: What’s your biggest career mistake to date? What did you learn from this mistake?

Dimos: None. I don’t see “mistakes” as mistakes. I see them as lessons.

NK:  How would you describe your personality and working style?

Dimos: Hard working and punctual. I always try to understand what the photographer wants and try to achieve that.

NK: Did you ever imagine that you will go this far?

Dimos: No. I didn’t imagine any of this.

NK: What are your future plans for your career (5 or 10 years from now)?

Dimos: Hmmm no plans. I just go with the flow.

NK: Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

Dimos: You took the first step by dreaming about being a model. In dreams start responsibility. Now try to achieve that!

So there you go folks. That’s Dimos for all of you — simple, smart and a dreamer. I’m really honored to have worked with this fine young gentleman at the charity event I’ve organized back in May 2014.