‘Devil Baby Attack’ Freaks Out New Yorkers; for ‘Devil’s Due’ Movie (+Video)

January 15, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A so-called “Devil Baby Attack” video uploaded to YouTube shows New Yorkers getting freaked out by a animatronic baby in a stroller.

Reports say that the video was a viral attempt to promote upcoming horror film “Devil’s Due,” which is slated for release Jan. 17.

In the video, the self-moving stroller approaches people on the sidewalk in New York before it pops up and screams.

At one point, the baby appears to spit greenish liquid in a similar manner to the “Exorcist.”

In the beginning of the video, the crew manning the baby stroller are seen constructing the crib and assembling the wires. The video then pans over to the person operating the carriage and robotic baby via remote control.