Detroit Police Officer Glenn Doss Dies After He’s Shot in the Head

January 28, 2018 Updated: January 28, 2018

A Detroit police officer who was shot in the head on the city’s east side several days ago has died, it was reported.

Doss was shot two times while he was in the passenger seat of his squad car, ClickOnDetroit reported. Another Detroit squad car was hit by bullets in the incident as well, but no other officers were hit.

The suspect, Decharlos Brooks, was standing outside a home with a gun. Police said that he took a stance and opened fire before barricading himself inside a home, the report said.

Brooks was later captured after police threw tear gas canisters into the home.

“It’s somber, we’ve had too many losses in our department. We’ve had too many injured officers,” said Detroit Police assistant chief Arnold Williams, according to the report, which also noted that Doss had a 9-month-old son.

He added, “It’s hard. It’s a hard job, and we’re doing it for the community. Sometimes, people lose that perspective.”

“He fought a good fight. He is truly what we call one of Detroit’s finest. He is what we call an American hero. He did what we expect each and every officer to do: To go out and serve this community with distinction and honor. And he did that,” Police chief James Craig told the Detroit News.

The report said that he died at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said that police officers face danger in Detroit. “There’s never been a time it’s been more dangerous to be a Detroit police officer,” Duggan said of the past 18 months, adding that there has “been more shootings of officers than I can ever remember.”

The family of the shooter said that he suffers from mental problems.

“We have tried to get help for him,” Nichol Cummings, the shooter’s sister-in-law, told ClickOnDetroit. “We don’t know what happened last night.”

Cummings said that he was acting strangely toward her sister and their children.

“She said she is really scared, something is not right with him,” Cummings said. “‘He’s got a gun.'”

A GoFundMe page set up for the family of Doss noted that “Glenn chose a career serving the community because his willingness to help others was evident in everything he did.”


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