Detroit Man Who Chose Sleeping on the Street to Abandoning His Dog, Reunited with Beloved Pet

January 29, 2018 Updated: January 29, 2018

Julian Terrance lost his son but gained a good friend—and a home.

Julian Terrance lived on the streets of Detroit—a harsh environment in the best of times, and a frigid nightmare through the winter months.

During the summer, Terrance found a month-old puppy abandoned by its owner. He named the dog Max, Fox News reported.  The two became best friends and close companions.

“Neither one of us asked to be here,” Terrance told Fox News. “He didn’t have nobody and I didn’t have nobody.”

When his son died, Terrance turned to Max for a reason to live.

“This was the next best thing,” Terrance told Fox.  “It helped me get over my son’s death.

“This is my dog; this is my baby. Anything he ever needed I always made sure he had it. I go above and beyond the call of duty because I know he would do it for me.”

When winter came, however, the only place Terrance could stay was with his disabled father in a tiny one-room apartment. The only drawback, as reported—No Dogs Allowed.

Rather than abandon his best friend Terrance opted to sleep on the streets, braving the ice and arctic temperatures rather than giving up his pet.

It is questionable whether either or both would have survived the winter—but luckily that was never put to the test.

A staff member from 313 K9 and Kitty Rescue saw the pair shivering together on Jan. 4. The animal rescue worker, Jennesse Gray-Swan, offered to give Max a temporary home so Terrance could get indoors and get his life back on track.

After a night apart—their first ever—Terrance and Max were reunited.

Kitty Rescue and 313 K9 opened a page on Youcaring—similar to GoFundMe—to raise enough funds to get Max and Terrance off the streets and together.

“Our goal is to collect enough money to completely vet Max and to get them started out in an apartment/house, deposits, furnishings, etc.” said 313 K9 and Kitty Rescue. “No one should risk death when help IS available. Sometimes you just need a helping hand.”

Terrance also hopes he can find a small apartment and get a better job, so he and Max can stay together.

“I can’t help to imagine how lovely that’ll be,” Terrance told Youcaring. “We’re a family, we’re all we got.”

From The Epoch Times