Destiny Loot Cave Gets Update

October 24, 2014 Updated: October 25, 2014

Destiny now has a new loot cave with “instant spawn” rate.

A poster on Reddit said as much this week.

“It’s a spot on the moon at the Shrine of Orax. Go in and kill the out side spawns and the knights. After killing all look up at the back wall, you need to be at the very top. Either go outside and climb the edge or jump from the railing to the top area in the left side if your looking at the back wall. Continue jumping up. The spawn of acolytes you killed on the way in spawn out of the cave. The knights spawn in place. Kill everything as fast as you can. Once one spawn is dead the other one triggers, instantly,” the user says.

The user posted up a YouTube video on how to do it on Wednesday:

Here’s a few loot chests:

For Earth

For Moon

For Mars


For Venus


Here’s also some info on the latest regarding Xur for Oct 24 and Oct 25.

Here’s what the user says in the whole post:

“DISCLAIMER: Despite my name, this thread contains factual information.


Location: Enter the room where the 3 vanguards for each class are and Xur once again will be by the right wall pretending to be a Vanguard (maybe he’s starting his own merchant subclass)

Also thanks to “SHY GUY158” for telling me where he is, if I could give you a legendary engram I would.

Main Wares

“It’s only overpowered because you don’t have it”
Exotic Auto Rifle – 23 coins
260/300 attack (Kinetic)
– When held this weapon grants +2 agility
– When zoomed this weapon fires slower but causes additional damage
– The bottom half of each magazine does bonus damage and has a chance to return health when dealing damage

“Lol look mommy that man has a corset on his back!”
Exotic Warlock Chest – 13 coins 
339/439 Defence
LIGHT + 21
– Carry more ammo for Hand Cannons
– Carry more ammo for special weapons
– Enchanced Axion Bolt. Spawn with grenade energy

“In the name of the traveller, the speaker and the chest of wolves”
Exotic hunter chest – 13 coins 
339/439 Defence 
LIGHT + 21
– Carry more ammo for Hand Cannons
– Carry more ammo for Special Weapons
– Revive team mates faster. Spawn more orbs

“Grenade nipples reporting for duty sir!”
Exotic Titan chest – 13 coins 
339/439 Defence
LIGHT + 21
– Carry more ammo for special weapons
– Carry more ammo for heavy weapons
– Carry an additional grenade

23 motes of light 
– Exotic glove engram 
– Random class 
– May cause excitement or disappointment

Other Wares

Hand Cannon experience booster x5 – 1 coin 
Fusion Rifle experience booster x5 – 1 coin
Machine Gun experience booster x5 – 1 coin 
Heavy ammo synthesis x 5 – 1 coin (because we can’t just buy them with glimmer) 
Sparrow upgrades (speed and durability) blue and green – 23 coins

Note: Xur’s wares imply that Xur himself may also be RNG due to him selling duplicate items, as well as selling the Suros Regime after the rumor of a auto rifle nerf and now with the fact he’s sold the same engram multiple times.

EDIT1: all item stats and abilities have been added 
EDIT2: changed location details for better clarity and readjusted bold and underlines
EDIT3: Wares added for 03/10/2014 – 05/10/2014
EDIT4: Wares added for 10/10/2014 – 12/10/2014
EDIT5: Wares added for 17/10/2014 – 19/10/2014
EDIT6: Wares added for 24/10/2014 – 26/10/2014″