Desperate Cry from China’s Xinjiang Region Amid Strict Lockdown

August 30, 2020 Updated: August 30, 2020

The same tragic story that happened in Wuhan six months ago is now occurring again in the Xinjiang region, as thousands of residents in high rise buildings shouted and screamed into the night in despair. Xinjiang’s capital city Urumqi has been under strict lockdown for nearly 40 days, after authorities announced a resurgence of the CCP virus on July 16. 

A Urumqi resident recorded the heartbreaking scene of people living in surrounding buildings screaming together to vent their frustration. It is clearly audible that the videographer himself was sobbing when filming.  Xinjiang imposed even stricter lockdown measures than Wuhan.

Local pandemic control staff sealed off doors in high-risk areas to lock people inside. Residents who went out, breaking the lockdown rules were subjected to physical punishments, such as standing for hours under the sun or being handcuffed to railings.