Design Recipes: Cathy’s Tip Of The Week – Northeast Inspiration: 7 Items to Decorate Your Dining Room for Autumn

December 12, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

With fall in the air, there couldn’t be a better time to bring a bit of Northeast inspiration into your home.

Picturing the Northeast in autumn conjures up images of crisp weather, rustic elements, wild apples, and vibrant leaves. Colors that are prominent in this region in the fall are an especially dazzling display of fiery orange, crimson reds, and chocolate browns.

If you’re ready to bring some rustic inspiration into your home this autumn, here are some décor elements that will help to transform your dining room into a Northeastern cabin…

1. Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to add a touch of rustic elegance to your dining room this fall. Maybe you tend to gravitate towards warm, welcoming colors -like reds and oranges, or perhaps you want to go with a design style that says modern, with just a touch of rustic elegance. Whichever your design style, say it loudly with a piece (or two) of art that reflects your eye for style, and your own personal taste.

Falling Leaves Transitional Wall Art
View: Falling Leaves Transitional Wall Art

2. Mirrors

Speaking of wall art –a new mirror can help to add a sense of style to any room; and the dining room is certainly no exception. Mirrors today are available in a dazzling array of styles, sizes, and frame types, making it easy for you to find the perfect piece for your Northeast dining room.

Rogers Contemporary Mirror
View: Rogers Contemporary Mirror

3. Side Tables

Side tables are an easy addition to any room. Bring the Northeast straight into your dining room with side tables like these old world iron tables -rustic, yet trendy.

Allison Forest Side Table
View: Allison Forest Side Table

4. Rugs

With the colder weather creeping in, now is the time to start ‘warming up’ your home. This Grant Multi Modern rug would add a subtle Northeastern feel to a modern dining room.

Grant Multi Modern
View: Grant Multi Modern

5. Chandelier

This Joanna Wooden Quatrefoil Transitional Chandelier would add an unmistakable touch of New England to home, and would complement a traditional or modern dining room equally well.

Joanna Wooden Quatrefoil Transitional Chandelier
View: Joanna Wooden Quatrefoil Transitional Chandelier

6. Vases

Add autumn inspiration to your home with vases. Classic copper vases or wooden vases are great choices for a rustic northeast-inspired look.

Large Oak Alley Vase
View: Large Oak Alley Vase

7. Candles

Finally, nothing says autumn like flickering candlelight. Add a touch of warmth to your dining room, and welcome in fall with an elegant set of candlesticks like these Oliver Candlesticks.

Medium Oliver Candlestick
View: Medium Oliver Candlestick

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