Design Recipes: Cathy’s Tip Of The Week – Find Design Inspiration in Your Area With This Trick

December 5, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016
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Drawing inspiration from your local area allows you to add authentic local flair to your interior décor. Photo courtesy: Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes

One of the best ways to gain inspiration for your home is by drawing from the surrounding area.

To draw inspiration from your area, you need look no further than your window. Looking out your window and absorbing the view allows you to draw inspiration from the surrounding are, and can give you great ideas for your home décor style. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Since your window most likely takes up a fairly large space, and is probably a prominent feature in your room, it makes sense that you should use this view to your advantage, and incorporate the view into your room’s décor.

What do You See?

When you look out your window -what do you see? Do you live in the country? Do rolling hills, pastures, or a tree line fill your view? Maybe a rustic or country theme is in your future. Or, maybe you live in the city. In an urban environment, modern, minimalistic, and trendy designs may be the inspiration for your decor. If you’re in a suburban area, look at the colors surrounding the area, and ask yourself which colors/styles would complement or contrast with, the surrounding area? Whatever view you have been met with, allow it to inspire you, and change the way you look at your home.

Work Your View

Sometimes, you may be less included to use your view to inspire your decor, and more interested in using it to inspire you in a different direction. For example, if you have a room in your home with a less-than-deal view, you won’t want to focus on accentuating the view, but instead you will want to ask yourself how you can design your room in spite of it. Beautiful window treatments, like Roman blinds that let the light in while obscuring the view are an excellent choice. Also, consider adding a main focal point to your room, such as a piece of art or a sculpture to detract attention away from the view, and draw the focus back into the room.

Finally, if you want to draw inspiration from your local area, but haven’t been blessed with the world’s greatest view -don’t give up! You can still find inspiration to incorporate into your décor. What is your local area famous for? What’s your favorite getaway place? A local café maybe, or a secluded hiking trail. Head out, go for a walk, and take in your surroundings. Try to see your town with a new perspective -you might just be surprised!

Which local inspiration could you incorporate into your décor?

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