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February 19, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016
Home staging is a great way to help a home to sell faster.
Home staging is a great way to help a home to sell faster.

Window treatments are a simple way to transform the look of a home. When home staging, the right window treatments enable your home to look its best, helping it to appear more open, and allowing plenty of natural light to filter into the room.

Here’s how you can ensure that your window treatments bring your home’s best features to light.

Out With the Old

Take down window coverings that are dark, old, or heavy. Remove any window treatments that are outdated, worn, or mismatched –leaving these up will only give your house a dated look.

Keep It Light

One of the main things that buyers look for in a home is lots of natural light. When home staging, your goal is to allow as much natural light as possible into a room. Choose window treatments that are light to give the home an open feel. In smaller rooms, consider leaving the windows bare, or using a light treatment like sheer curtains that will let the light in while still allowing a measure of privacy.

Make the Room Taller

Hang the curtain rods as high as possible to help a room feel taller. Hanging curtain rods too low can result in a room feeling shorter than it actually is.

Keep Context in Mind

Context is important. If you have an amazing view, keep the window treatments simple and neutral to direct attention outside the window. For rooms that may have an unsightly view, upside down shades can be a great way to block out the view while still allowing a decent amount of light into the room.

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