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January 1, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

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London is an amazing city to draw inspiration from. This design style is especially effective in urban settings.
London is an amazing city to draw inspiration from. This design style is especially effective in urban settings.

When you think of London, images of double decker buses, red phone boxes, and old clock towers probably spring to mind!

London truly is a blending of eras. From the early historical architecture, to the modern art and sculptures found throughout the city, it’s safe to say that London has something for everyone. The city is able to merge past and present in a way that’s seamless, and beautiful –and this is an approach that you can take when designing your own London-inspired getaway.

Let’s explore a few ways that you can draw inspiration from this exciting city, and incorporate some timeless London style into your home decor.

View: Seprento Britannia Box

Décor: A Blend of Sublime and Everyday

London is home to some truly impressive architecture, but there’s beauty to be found in the details as well. Design elements that reflect some of London’s grandeur include bronze and iron sculptures, or regal emblems reminiscent of royalty. Or take inspiration from London’s architecture and incorporate pieces that feature beautiful bridges, cathedrals, and clock towers. Smaller details could include umbrellas, pigeon statues, and of course –pieces that feature the Union Jack. Think: minimalist, modern, and functional –with a hint of timeless style.

View: Brighton Pillow
View: Brighton Pillow

Style: Old Meets New

London is a blending of old and new. The city’s long and rich history has resulted in a number of architectural styles from gothic, neo-classical, and art deco, to modern. Don’t be afraid to feature a few pieces of art that represent different eras into your décor. London style décor is able to accommodate a blending of eras. Just keep in mind the minimalist aspect, and avoid clutter. Efficiency and classic timeless style are the name of the game.

View: Houndstooth Allure Transitional Hand Woven Wool Rug
View: Houndstooth Allure Transitional Hand Woven Wool Rug

Colors: Combine Bold and Classic

Bold colors: reds, blues, and black, are found throughout the city, but subdued colors like misty gray and charcoal are also quintessentially London. Incorporating these colors into your décor is a beautiful way to pay homage to the foggy city. Add touches of silver and regal gold which stand out beautifully against a subdued backdrop.

Take inspiration from this varied color palette and use it to inspire a room that’s timeless, yet ultra-modern.

What do you think? Which elements would you use to add some London inspiration to your home? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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